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Armband TattoosThese days, with everyone getting tattoos, you would think it's easy to decide on the perfect tattoo. But nothing could be further from the truth! Choosing a tattoo that represents your personal attitude and lifestyle can be tricky, especially when you consider that you'll be wearing it for life.

So, how do you know when you find the perfect tattoo design? One way to be sure you're getting the right design is to show the design to friends and family, people you trust, people who understand you and understand tattoo designs. Is the design something that you can be personally happy with for years to come? Be sure to think about the tattoo design long and hard before you settle on it. A good tip we learned from a tattoo artist is to hold up the design to a mirror and view it. Surprisingly, you might notice something about the tattoo design that you didn't notice before! Also try turning the design upside down and look at it that way. The tattoo design should be balanced and nice-looking, no matter which way you orient the art.

Abstract Tattoo DesignsAlso, be sure to get your tattoo in the right size for its location. Nothing hurts a tattoo design more than having it in the wrong place, or wrong size for its placement. You wouldn't want to wrap a huge tattoo image around an arm or leg, if that design was meant to be viewed flat, such as on a shoulderblade. Try to envision what the artist had in mind, and try to honor the artwork by carefully considering its placement before you get it done.

TattooMost tattoo artists will be happy to talk to you about their art, and will be able to make modifications if you need them to. Tattoo artists are regular people just like you and me (although sometimes it's easy to forget that if they are extraordinarly talented!) Just ask their opinions, get their feedback, and if the artist is unavailable, simply walk into your local tattoo shop and ask someone knowledgeable there. That's the main key: always talk to someone knowledgeable about tattoo designs. How do you know if they know what they're talking about? Simple... ask others who have been tattooed by that person, or just ask around the tattoo community in your area. If you keep hearing the same names over and over, and keep seeing great art that you really like by a certain artist, you will find a definite comfort zone where you can work with that artist and feel confident that you will get a tattoo that you are really happy with.

Kanji Tattoo DesignsMany people just want assurances that they will get a great tattoo design that is relevant to their personality, but it's not always easy. After all, the journey to finding the perfect tattoo design is half the fun! Enjoy the experience of discovery and self-awareness as you peruse different tattoo designs... You'll learn a lot about yourself and that knowledge will serve you well in life in other endeavors.

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