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Dark Symbols Tattoos

          Symbols that are often considered dark can sometimes make the best tattoos – including images such as skulls, devils, and snakes.  If you are considering a tattoo using these images, read on to find out more about each type and for some helpful advice to consider when making your decision.

Skulls:  Tattoos of skulls can symbolize death or fear.  Skulls are often combined in tattoo artwork with other items such as snakes, playing cards, fire, and other skulls for a more complete image.  Additionally, skull tattoos are often done in single colors with possibly one additional accent color to make a specific part of the tattoo pop and draw attention.

Devils:  An image of the devil can be done in either a serious or humorous manner depending on the tattoo artist.  Often, devil images are characterized by horns, spiked tail, pitch fork, and lots of red.  Often, the devil image is also combined with flames.

Snakes:  Because many people are scared of snakes and they are often associated with evil, these animals are often chosen for dark tattoos.  The snake can be depicted slithering out around another object (such as out of the eye socket of a skull) or can be shown on its own.